Our Cleaning Routine.

Ah cleaning. You either love it or you don’t. Contrary to popular belief I actually don’t love it – but I do love having a clean home.

I have tried so many different routines over the years, and I always come back to the same one. There are millions of different cleaning routines online and there is something to suit everybody, whether you are a room a day type, a task a day type or a let’s just do it in one go type!

Our routine is a bit of a mixture of a few different cleaning routines and I’ve taken what works best for us from each of them and put them together to make ours.

The most important thing about a cleaning routine is that it works for YOU -nobody else’s house or home layout or life is the same as yours. What works with them, probably won’t work for you.

I wish that I had realised this years ago instead of trying (and failing!) to follow along with them and getting frustrated that it just was not working for me.

I find that I work better when I am ‘Batch Tasking’ which means that I am batching like tasks together instead of flitting from one task to another, it takes our brains 15 to 20 minutes to refocus on a new task so if you do all like tasks together you cut that bit out!

For example, if you cleaned the kitchen, then sorted through your emails, then went to hoover upstairs – it’s taking your brain about 15 minutes to make the switch to a different task each time, so batching tasks together mean you get more done in less time.

So here is the routine that we follow:

Monday – #MondayReset – This is my ‘Monday reset’, it’s where I tidy up the house putting everything back where it belongs and I also dust, hoover through, clean mirrors, clean bathrooms, quick clean of kitchen and mop through.

It is not a detailed clean (that is my zone cleaning), it’s just a sort of get everything reset after the weekend where everyone was home and just the basics done so that I know we are ready for another week (and any unexpected visitors!).

It takes about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on how messy the house got after the weekend or how much motivation I have, but it never takes longer than that. It is literally just a quick clean of everywhere.

Tuesday – Tuesday is ‘Paperwork’ day. It’s the day I get a bit of blogging/planning done, I sort out any house admin that needs sorting, any forms to be filled in etc. Any phone calls that need to be made, any emails that need to be replied to – it all gets done on a Tuesday. It is a sort of office day if you like.

It’s also the day I water all the plants. We have about a million, and I have a tendency to forget to water them, so knowing that every Tuesday I water the plants tends to keep them alive longer.

Wednesday – Wednesday is ‘Zone Cleaning Day’. I will go into this in more detail in another post, but the basics are that each room in the house is given a deep clean once a week, so for us (we have 9 rooms) I do it over 9 weeks, week 1 – living room, week 2 – playroom, week 3 – kitchen etc etc. Yes this means that the house isn’t deep cleaned in one go, but each room is being deep cleaned every other month as well as having a quick clean and tidy every week so it keeps on top of everything. Plus doing it this way means that you never have to do a massive ‘spring clean’ because it is being kept on top of all year round!

Thursday – I don’t usually have anything specific planned for a Thursday, it tends to be the day that Anest has hospital appointments, So I try to have minimal routine on a Thursday, and if I am seeing a friend or need to pop to the shops I will try and do it on a Thursday.

Friday – Friday is ‘Catch up day’. I tend to catch up on anything I haven’t got around to, and just get a few things done and crossed off my todo list so that I am ready for the weekend.

Weekend – Housework wise, not much gets done on a weekend other than the daily stuff like laundry and dishes etc.

BUT, I do change all the bedding on a weekend, I just love the whole fresh sheets going into a new week thing and for some reason cleaning bed sheets in the week just doesn’t work for me.

And that is that.

I get that not everyone wants a routine, but it is so unbelievably helpful for feeling like you are staying on top of things.

A routine also means that you can ‘set it and forget it’, I do our routine without even thinking about it now, it just sorta happens – and that means I don’t have to think ‘omg when was the last time I cleaned my bathroom?!’ because I know I did it Monday.

I think the main thing with a routine is to be flexible. Life is going to happen, you are going to fall behind sometimes or feel you are not keeping up – and when this happens what I do is draw a line under it and forget about it until the next week.

So if I didn’t get around to doing my zone cleaning on a Wednesday because someone got ill or it was a lovely sunny week and I fancied going out somewhere – either I will try and get it done on the Thursday or Friday if I don’t have any plans, or I will just draw a line under it and forget it until the next Wednesday.

The cleaning is not going anywhere. It will be there next week too!

I hope that’s helpful, do you follow a routine? Or have you made your own?

Beth x

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