The First Post.

Doing something for the first time can be pretty scary. Writing this post is definitely way up there.

After a few false starts, wondering where exactly this blog is going to be heading I feel that I have a clearer idea of where it’s going to go – and I am excited to start.

So. Let’s do this.
Here is what you will find here.

SLOW (living)

There is just something about the word ‘slow’ that pulls me in. I think it’s because sometimes my life can feel so far away from slow as it possibly can be, and I’m determined for us to get there.

Being a parent can be pretty stressful. The tantrums, the play-dates and appointments, figuring out how to deal with each stage of your child’s development, navigating the mundane everyday tasks of keeping up with housework and paperwork and organising everyone’s entire lives without forgetting all the fun things too.

This is where for me rhythms and routines, having an organised home, having less stuff and simplifying everything comes in. If there is less stuff, it means there is less to do, and that gives us more time to do things as a family. To just embrace the moment, and to appreciate all the little things.

Slow to me also means being intentional with our time and our lives.

So on the blog you will find things related to this. Showing how we are trying to simplify all the areas of our home and lives, and you are welcome to join in too!

SIMPLE (Nourishment)

This part of my blog is where I am going to be talking about nutrition and healthy living.

Simple ways to make cooking for a family, meal planning, living with fussy eaters and just general family health simpler and easier.

To me, Nourishment doesn’t just mean nutrition it also means self-care and personal growth and you will find that here too.


I feel the word Chaos sums up our family life quite well.

Some weeks we have it all together. Other weeks we can’t keep up.

This part of the blog is where you will find all our real life family things. The day’s out. The fun stuff. The ups, the downs and everything in between!

You will find a bit of everything on here, and I would love for you to stick around!

Beth x


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