Our Cleaning routine.

Clean house, Clean Mind.

Never has there been a more truer saying.

My stress levels seem to work in direct correlation with how messy our house is. If the house is clean and in order – calm. If there is toys everywhere and the house really needs a hoover – super stressed.

I’ve tried quite a lot of different cleaning routines over the years, and I always come back to the same one.

I loosely follow the Flylady routine, I’ve stolen a couple of things from the Cleanmama routine and there’s a few things that I’ve just worked out work for us and I use them too.

I always used to get really frustrated that I couldn’t follow different people’s cleaning routines exactly, and you soon realise that it is impossible. Not only do they not live in the same house as you which probably has a very different amount of rooms or layout, they have different personal circumstances to you, a different family size, they might work or not work, they might have a partner you might not, there are just so many different reasons why their cleaning routine is NOT going to work for you.

I always really wanted the ‘one room a day’ style cleaning routine to work for me, but it never did because I never felt the whole house was clean in one go.

It might take time, try out a few, see what works from each one and merge them together like i have done, or you might find one that makes perfect sense for your life.

There are loads of different types of cleaning routines, ‘the whole house in one go’ // ‘one room a day’ (living room Monday, bathroom Tuesday etc) // ‘one cleaning task a day’ (Bathroom Monday, Dust on Tuesday, Hoover wednesday’ etc //.

There are seriously so many, have a look you will find something that suits you!

If you are curious as to what I do in our home, I’ll share it with you here!

Monday (Monday Reset)

Monday is my ‘Monday Reset’ day, it’s the day that I try and get the house back to how it should be after the weekend. Monday’s usually involve:

  • Dusting
  • Clean Bathrooms
  • Hoover
  • Quick clean of kitchen
  • Mop floors
  • Empty all the bins
  • Tidy everything up to where it should be

It sounds a lot but honestly, it takes about an hour and a half maximum. If I am on a roll it takes much less time than this.

Tuesday (Paperwork Day)

Tuesday is my paperwork day.

It’s the day I make any phone calls, sort out any mail or forms etc that need sorting, reply to any emails and just sort out anything admin-like that needs sorting.

Usually because I am in the ‘zone’ with my laptop out I usually get any coursework/blogging done on this day too.

Wednesday (zone day)

Wednesday is my ‘zone’ day.

A part of the Flylady routine is that the house gets split into zones and every week you concentrate on deep cleaning that zone.

Flylady suggests doing 15 minutes of the zone every day so that you do it over the course of the week, but I have been just doing it all in one go. Although since lockdown has happened, it’s definitely not as easy so I might go back to doing it in 15 minute blocks everyday.

I did try doing a room a day, and we have 9 rooms, So I did a room a week over two months. For various reasons though it just didn’t work and I’ve gone back to doing it all in one go.

The beauty of making your own cleaning routine is that you can just do what works for you.

Thursday (Free day/Errand day)

Thursday is my errand/free day.

If there is stuff I need to get done outside the house I tend to get it done on a Thursday, and Anest’s hospital appointments quite often land on a Thursday so it works quite well.

I do try and make a point of getting some stuff crossed off my todo list too (motivation dependent) or I might just take the afternoon for myself and read my book.


Friday is my catch-up day.

I usually head to get some groceries in for the weekend as soon as I have done the school run.

Then I just tidy up the house and hoover etc, so I don’t have to do much over the weekend. Plus I make sure any phone calls etc are sorted being places won’t be open again until Monday.


The only cleaning type activity I do on the weekend is I change the beds. It would make more sense to do it in the week but I’ve never been able to find a good time to do it! I usually do it on a Sunday and it’s quite a nice feeling going in to a new week with fresh sheets!

I hope this has helped if you are looking for a new cleaning routine!

Do you have a cleaning routine? Let me know in the comments!

Beth x

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