50 Things about me

I’m finding it a little bit strange trying to work out what blog posts I should write first. So, I am just going to start off with a few random ones and go from there!

Some random facts about me seemed like a good place to start, so here goes…

  1. I grew up on a farm (where my parents still live) so I am very much a country girl at heart.

2. I am currently doing a degree in Psychology through the Open University, I am a bit undecided on what the next step is, I’ve debated finishing, I’m debating doing just one more module – so we shall see!

3. I am allergic to Penicillin.

4. Reading is my all-time, favourite thing.

5. I am very much an introvert. I do wish that I was a bit more extroverted, but I am learning to embrace being an introvert.

6.. I have a very strange relationship with chicken/pork. Sometimes I can eat it no problem, other times (like now) I can’t even cut it up without throwing up. This time I think, I am done for good, and going to try and go more vegetarian.

7. I have a grade 4 in Singing. I would rather eat my own face than sing to you.

8. I would love to be good with interiors, but I’m really not.

9. I am trying to teach myself to play Piano again, I did have lessons as a child, but I have forgotten all of it.

10. I am a complete tea addict. I can have up to 10 cups a day. Which I know is not very good for me. It won’t make me change though.

11. I have two younger sisters, one is 2 and a half years younger than me, the other is 10 years younger than me.

12. I am absolutely terrified of spiders and butterflies.

13. I used to love horses, but I had a nasty fall when a horse reared while I was about to do a jump and it’s made me very nervous since. Which is a bit inconvenient when Mali suddenly loves horses.

14. I have a very, very sweet tooth. Kind of annoying.

15. I am intolerant to cows milk. As long as I limit it, I can get away with having little bits, but on the whole we don’t get on very well.

16. I am 5 foot 4.

17. I absolutely HATE water on my face. Hence why we don’t go swimming much. If you could see me cleansing my face in the shower – you would have a good laugh.

18. I would love to be the sort of person who goes to the gym everyday. I have tried loads of times but me and the gym just don’t get on – I’m a solo exerciser, and that is completely fine.

19. I am always cold. Always. If I am warm – I can’t cope.

20. This is my third attempt at blogging. The second attempt only lasted a few weeks.

21. I very rarely drink alcohol, only on special occasions. I do love a pink gin though.

22. I am a morning person.

23. I HATE all fizzy drinks. The only time I ever drink a fizzy drink is lemonade in my gin. (I hate tonic).

24. I would love to be a vegetarian, and have had so many attempts over the years. I’m aiming for flexitarian now, but more on the plant based side than the meat side.

25. I love Autumn. The crunchy leaves. Wrapping up warm. All of it.

26. I am doing a nutrition course on the side on my psychology degree, I did toy with the idea of maybe doing it as a job, but I don’t think it’s for me.

27. I am an obsessive list maker. I love making lists. I have lists for everything. You would think it would make me more organised than it does.

28. I am hopeless at giving people birthday cards and presents on time.

29. I wish Bernard’s Watch was a real thing – and that I owned it.

30. I’m not a fan of Halloween. I do it for the kids, but I hate it. Not because it’s scary, I just don’t see the point.

31. James constantly mocks me for saying ‘…in a minute now’. Pretty sure it’s a Welsh thing.

32. I love fresh flowers.

33. My birthday is 17th August.

34. Being a mother has always been very high on my priority list, maybe not as early as it did happen, but I don’t regret.

35. I love a clean house.

36. I love silence.

37. I am on a mission to be more minimalist.

38. I have zero drawing skills. My art teacher told me in year 9 that it probably wasn’t a good idea to take it for GCSE. Stick figures are the best I can do.

39. I’m not a body hair fan. I have to shave every day or it creeps me out.

40. I used to wake at 5.30 every morning to exercise. I really wish I could do it again.

41. I am forever googling cleaning routines, or housework schedules. Considering how obsessed I am, you would think my house would be so much cleaner and tidier.

42. Coronation street and Call the midwife are my two favourite television programmes.

43. The dream is to live in a house in the middle of the woods, with no neighbours.

44. The forest is my favourite place.

45. I would love to get a tattoo, I know exactly what I want, I just need to go get them.

45. The sound of music is my all time favourite film.

46. I choose comfort over fashion every time. I’m really not into fashion.

47. I would love to get a sausage dog (and call him Frank) but Mipsy is a bit too anti-social.

48. I have a birth mark on my back.

49. I love Popcorn.

50. I would love to write a book. I have so many ideas!

If you made it to the end of that list, I take my hat off to you!

Tell me something about you!

Beth x

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